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Dance To Be Free

Changing the lives of incarcerated women through the healing power of collective dance.

See inmates from Nebraska Correctional Center for Women’s responses to the DTBF Teacher Training:

Check out our latest video footage from Washington’s Maximum Women’s Prison:

See Virginia female prisoners experience healing power of dance:

DTBF was invited to speak on stage at the first EVER live streamed Tedx Talk in prison.

Our Mission

We are a small, dynamic nonprofit organization whose mission is to change the lives of incarcerated women through collective dance. Our organization trains inmates to lead dance classes and spread what we call cathartic choreography to other women. We have found this can help individuals facing mental and physical illness as well as those struggling with complex trauma and PTSD.

During our teacher training inmates gain confidence as they experience leadership skills for perhaps the first time in their lives. As the training progresses their self-awareness increases through emotionally expressive movement. Our students also respond to journal prompts throughout the training that deepen the pro-social bonds created during our time together.

We encourage self-reflection and vulnerability as they learn how to collaborate and encourage one another. As they create their facility’s dance piece, they learn how to count music, choreograph and to dig deep inside of themselves to discover what it takes to step up in front and lead!

If you are a warden and interested in bringing our Teacher-Training to your facility – click below!

Are you a warden or know of a women’s prison that could benefit?

Visit the FAQ page to learn how our program works, how to get involved, and why DTBF does the work it does.

Rave Reviews...

"As the former Warden at DWCF, seeing this program brings tears of joy. Thank you Lucy Wallace." Dona Zavislan

Inmates Say.....

“I feel freer and better all around.”

Bringing Normalcy

"I don't feel like I'm in prison for an hour on a Sunday, and I love that. I love the normalcy of that...you don't feel so alone." C. Hardy

Inmates Say.....

“I am more understanding and compassionate.”

Changing Lives....

"Everyone had so much fun and loved Lucy! Whoever sees this and is a Warden at a Women's facility needs to contact these ladies. They change lives!!" Denise Davidson, Warden at NCCW

Inmates Say.....

“I am less stressed out and anxious.”

Know of a Women's Prison That Could Benefit or Have a Question?

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What We’re Up to Right Now

Know of a Women's Prison That Could Benefit or Have a Question?

Contact Us

We will get back to you as soon as we can!

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