Dance To Be Free

Changing the lives of incarcerated women through the healing power of collective dance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to radically improve the lives of incarcerated women through the healing power of dance. We use “Cathartic Choreography” to both train the inmates and teach them a new skill. We have seen this technique help our students deal with physical and mental illness, including PTSD and complex trauma.

During our teacher trainings inmates gain confidence as they experience leadership and responsibility, often for the first time in their lives. That sense of accomplishment flourishes as our students learn to not only express themselves through dance, but to free others to do the same.

Throughout this transformative experience, we teach the nuts and bolts of choreography, timing and flow, and just as importantly we facilitate journaling and sharing exercises that nurture introspection and self-awareness that inmates often need.

See our latest footage from Nebraska, Hawaii and Mississippi:

 Watch Women Respond to DTBF Teacher Training:

See Virginia female prisoners experience healing power of dance:

DTBF speaks at the first EVER TEdX Talk live streamed from prison

How It Works

Email Us

Send us an email and let us know of a prison that may be interested and could benefit from our program.

We Mail DVDs

We mail the interested prison a complimentary set of Dance To Be Free DVDs for the recreation department & inmates to review and experience for themselves.


Schedule Live

If the DVDs generate interest, DTBF will schedule a live Teacher Training program for the prison. 


We dance at the prison! Our Teacher Trainings are 3 days long (3-4 hours a day) and intended for ALL skill levels. 

Dance LIVE with Lucy in Boulder

Wed 9:30am ; Sat 11:15am

at Block 1750.

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Rave Reviews...

"As the former Warden at DWCF, seeing this program brings tears of joy. Thank you Lucy Wallace." Dona Zavislan

Inmates Say.....

“I feel freer and better all around.”

Bringing Normalcy

"I don't feel like I'm in prison for an hour on a Sunday, and I love that. I love the normalcy of don't feel so alone." C. Hardy

Inmates Say.....

“I am more understanding and compassionate.”

Changing Lives....

"Everyone had so much fun and loved Lucy! Whoever sees this and is a Warden at a Women's facility needs to contact these ladies. They change lives!!" Denise Davidson, Warden at NCCW

Inmates Say.....

“I am less stressed out and anxious.”

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