Dance To Be Free

Sharing the healing power of dance with women in prison nationwide.

Watch our our video from Nebraska’s Correctional Center for Women!

Watch Arkansas female prisoners experience healing power of dance:

Our Mission

Dance To Be Free (DTBF) is a 501c3 that shares the healing power of dance with women in prison nationwide. Through our DVD and Teacher-Training program, DTBF uses dance as the healing vehicle for Post Traumatic Stress Disorders symptoms. Using cathartic choreography and evocative music,we change the trajectory of women in prison through the healing power of collective dance

Through our 20 hour teacher-training curriculum, inmates gain confidence, demonstrate leadership and build community through self-expression that comes with transformational movement. By encouraging healthy lifestyle choices and teaching tangible skills we help them improve their lives while in prison and launch them in a positive direction as they reenter their communities.

If you are a warden and interested in bringing our Teacher-Training to your facility – click below!

Are you a warden or know of a women’s prison that could benefit?

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Rave Reviews...

"As the former Warden at DWCF, seeing this program brings tears of joy. Thank you Lucy Wallace." Dona Zavislan

Inmates Say.....

“I feel freer and better all around.”

Bringing Normalcy

"I don't feel like I'm in prison for an hour on a Sunday, and I love that. I love the normalcy of don't feel so alone." C. Hardy

Inmates Say.....

“I am more understanding and compassionate.”

Changing Lives....

"Everyone had so much fun and loved Lucy and Gayle! Whoever sees this and is a Warden at a Women's facility needs to contact these ladies. They change lives!!" Denis Skrobecki, Warden at NCCW

Inmates Say.....

“I am less stressed out and anxious.”

What We’re Up to Right Now

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