Michelle: Michelle has been at every DTBF class since we started on July 1st, 2015. She is our biggest fan! She has helped sustain the DVD program and spread the word to her cell mates. Michelle hopes to teach when she is released. She brings a playful, warmth to each class with DTBF.

My Playground By Michelle M.

You can see me any morning in the park at my playground…
Where it’s full of love, full of color, my playground…
I walk toward the mirror of sand. I touch it and become possessed by the vibe of warmth I feel under my feet…in my playground.
I look up and the sky becomes a ceiling of reflection. I feel myself filling with love…in my playground. The wind begins and the music starts, my body sways as if on clouds…in my playground. My self-possession begins to flare and the music takes over. I slip into this luminous skin of love dance… Not knowing how to feel or if I understand, I feel this life of music flow through me… In my playground. I dance like swimming through water, my body is flowing, so transparent. Then the wind shifts in the beat picks up and my dance becomes stronger, in my playground. It’s that, I’m coming home dance, my heart is beating faster and faster and I feel this fire rise up in me, my smile is sensual I feel sexy, I know I’m sexy…in my playground…
I dance spice, I dance with bite, I dance with passion…
I remain possessed by this dance of fire and I feel my hands they are a flame… My eyes flicker with emotion… In my playground. The wind stops and a calm comes over me, I open my eyes to a place full of color, love and life. I leave knowing that in the morning you will see me in my playground.


Chrystie: Chrystie has been a lovely ambassador of DTBF spreading the word to fellow inmates about how much she is getting out of the classes. Chrystie is serving a 40 year sentence at DWCF so we hope she will be able to teach within the prison for years to come.

Dance, Sound and Beat – By Chrystie H.

The expressive movement of dance, sound, and beat that was once so free, pure, young… Is now bound and buried under tears and fears… Bound and buried it can no longer be young and innocently free.
As time goes on a beat grows strong… Do you hear the beat down deep?
It rises again and again… Straining to be free until it breaks through the rough rock and muck, the chains that bound the dance, the sound, the beat fall, fall, fall loosely to the ground.
The light bursts forth from the movement of the dance, the sound, the beat.
The air ripples with the vibrant colors of excitement and jubilee…
There is no stopping the dance, the sound, the beat. You can see the freedom of the raw new beat, feel the dance from deep within your spirit to your feet, let the sound of the music take you on your new journey.

No more, no more-pain and misery… No more, no more being buried in shame and guilt… Free! Free! Free! Free to be, to move, to dance, sing, to be me. The heart explodes vividly through the ever present freedom of this new beat… Do you hear that every time the heart beats it’s like the thump of a kick drum to this new melody?…It reverberates the sound through the body and every part of me is free, free, free!! It’s not the same free and purely innocent movement of the dance, the sound, the beat that it used to be…
No, this has more melody and vibrancy… This is an older, stronger beat, yet wilder, fiercer and gentler still with the melody.

Finally the movement of dance, sound and beat meet…
The expression of vulnerable love, tender compassion, and sweetness of peace that surrounds the ever-going movement of dance, sound and beat.

Set it free, set it free and be one with the dance, the sound and the beat.
Each is different and unique like people on the street, in the studio, anywhere and everywhere they choose to be.
To be truly free is to express the movement of the dance, the sound, and the beat that is within me and you…
Care to join me in this redemptive freedom of expressive movement in the dance, the sound, and the beat?


Luz Cisneros moves to the music with other inmates on Sunday. Members of Alchemy of Movement in Boulder have started theDance 2B Free program at women’s correctional facility in Denver. For more photos and a video, go to www.dailycamera.com
Cliff Grassmick Staff Photographer November 15, 2015

Luz Cisneros: Cisneros brings a sassy, graceful flair to each class. She is serving a life sentence and will help in the continuation of classes as well.

By Luz C.

I live in music.
is this where you live I live here in music I live in 301-B

Music cut the deepest emotions within me like soft coast waves in ripples every muscle ankles buoyant guide toes
This place where music always
ask for me I discovered a lot
of other people who talk without mouths who listen to what I say
by watching my jewelry dance

There’s something about water music being invited to bring yourself to and forget what we were told remembering only to be what we are in ourselves there is the world and in this place where music stays
You can let yourself in our out lowering your walls down.

I am now brilliantly hydrated
both real and smart my insides bubble with compassion and intelligence
As I walk the sidewalks with a new swagger Knowing the world is mine.

Allow yourself to the steaming flow
feel the water pulse erupt from within you so come with me to this place
called Dance 2B Free and
be bathed in the ocean’s breath
and let the soft glory of your laughter spread.


Members of Alchemy of Movement in Boulder have started theDance 2B Free program at women’s correctional facility in Denver. For more photos and a video, go to www.dailycamera.com
Cliff Grassmick Staff Photographer November 15, 2015

Sarah: Sarah has been faithfully attending DTBF’s classes for months. She is excited about the teacher training program and brings a sweet presence to each class. She wants to teach when she is released from DWCF.

Transcending Dance

By Sarah B.

My soul stirs as I walk through the doors, the music begins to play and I sway, moving to the rhythm in a new way,
I no longer feel the need to be so sharp, those feelings melt away as I get lost, finding the true meaning of freedom, in spins, leaps and swirls,

the beat matches the pulse of my heart, flowing with the verses and choruses of a song, this is exactly where I belong,
passion, pain, happiness and sadness belong here, expressed with each flick of the wrist and kicking foot, the freedom to be beautiful, sexy and renewed, the fire once barely lit blazes anew,
as I dance these songs with you.

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