We are starting a “Life after prison” blog series as we learn about the crucial issues of #reentry. Cassy Bustos has been writing some beautiful pieces so far:

“In “researching” what an adequate reentry program for women leaving DOC looks like, I interviewed a fellow resident of the halfway house. “The foundation is where to start” was her opening line. How ironic considering Katherine Shoulders teaches “Foundation Training”. This resident happened to have no other option for housing upon completion of her DOC sentence and petitioned the halfway house for a place to stay. So, not only is housing one of the most difficult struggles for reentry but the “basic foundation” of right living as well. The majority of women in the system have never had a job, paid a bill, signed a lease, etc. The basic skills of life usually learned around 18 years of age have been completely bypassed for the majority of DOC offenders. So, yes, adequate exercise, nutrition, and self care are very important to success. However, they’re all for not if the basic skills necessary to live in a “pro social” society are ignored. I was wondering where to start and the question was so clearly answered, at the foundation. Brilliant!”
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