Without romanticizing or denying how hard incarcerated living is – I am repeatedly in awe of how most women I meet in prison are wildly more interesting than “free world” people.

I’d rather be in prison listening to a woman share her story of holding a couple at gun point versus listening to some New Age Know it All in Boulder tell me what’s up. I’d rather be listening to a sex offender own his shame as he trembles holding the mic sharing his past than some spiritual by-passer who has it all figured it out.


Even the word vulnerability has become something to market and prove. Puke.

I am meeting people that have faced more than any of us can imagine – and they may wrap a Jesus bow on their happy endings and that brings up another slew of issues for me – but they are naked without marketing their nakedness!

I respect the folks inside or outside, free or imprisoned who say, “I don’t have a clue.” Let’s celebrate that for a moment before it becomes a workshop or instagram post.

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