We’ve been privileged to document some of our time dancing with women in prison.

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Check out our latest video footage from Washington’s Maximum Women’s Prison.

Watch Arkansas female prisoners experience the healing power of dance.

See inmates from Nebraska Correctional Center for Women’s responses to the DTBF Teacher Training.

Lucy Wallace found freedom from her demons by dancing in prison.

Dance To Be Free Founder Lucy Wallace speaks about believing and emerging and some of the other core concepts Dance To Be Free holds in this talk given at Emerging Women Live.

DTBF was invited to Nebraska’s Correctional Center for Women (NCCW) to speak on stage at the first EVER live streamed Tedx Talk in prison. Dance To Be Free Founder Lucy Wallace shared the stage with 7 women serving life sentences.

Boulder’s Daily Camera speaks with inmates & Founder Lucy Wallace about DTBF’s impact on their lives.

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